The R&D infrastructure/institutions

The Government S&T system is spread amongst many ministries, each being responsible for the implementation of the projects and programs within the various departments , corporations or authorities falling within their purview.

In addition to the R&D activities in science and engineering being undertaken in a limited way by the universities, there are 21 research institutions in the country dealing with R&D activities. Many of these institutions (nine) deal with agriculture related R&D work including crop based R&D institutions and the R&D institution in the fisheries sector. Other than the two R&D institutions, one on western medicine and the other on traditional medicine, the rest of the institutions have either full or partial responsibility for industrial research. Of them , the ITI and the NERDC directly deal with the industrial partners whereas the NBRO and ACCIMT have partial obligations to their industrial partners.

Inadequate funding and inefficiency in R&D institutions in developing countries are well known factors. Some of the characteristics of the R&D institutions are:

  • Negative attitude to work
  • Low productivity
  • Inadequate incentives for promoting creativity
  • Excessive emphasis on control which hinders risk-taking ..etc

The research leaders forum of the NASTEC has identified that poor administration/management, weak leadership, lack of perspective, long term planning, resistance to change, poor infrastructure facilities, long drawn administrative procedures, lack of monitoring, evaluation & feedback, poor remuneration packages and inadequate interactions between and within institutions as weaknesses of the research institutions in Sri Lanka.

Ministry Structure

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R&D Institutions

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