Science and Technology Management Information System (STMIS) is a computerized information system developed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) of Sri Lanka with a view to provide information on the Science and Technology (S&T) sector of the country to the stakeholders of the NSF.

The STMIS was established at the NSF, under the Science & Technology Personnel Development (STPD) Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology with funding from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

It creates a working network among academic institutes, R&D centers and industry. This database is very much useful to facilitate policy level decision-making on S &T resources (with special emphasis on human resources) and promote utilization of S&T capabilities for economic development of the country.

The decision-makers have to rely on availability of relevant information to take more appropriate decisions related to the S&T sector. Therefore, it is necessary to provide them with most up to date information on current position, trends and forecasts in relation to S&T sector. Besides, S&T manpower is regarded as one of the important information required by the decisions makers.

Further, the absence of meaningful interaction among industry, and academic institutes and Research and Development (R&D) centers seems to have affected the widening mismatch between the demand and supply of professional manpower and the technology supplied by R&D centers. Industry as the main user of S&T manpower as well as technology, it must signal the academic institutions regarding their needs of professional manpower. R&D centers on the other hand, should be able to respond to the needs of the industries in terms of supply of technologies and services.

At present, the information on manpower supply and demand, S&T capabilities and industry requirements are either scattered around many authorities or completely not organized in a useable format.

Therefore, STMIS at NSF was established with the view to cater the above need. The main objectives of the STMIS are as follows

  • Bring Planners, Policy makers, Industry sectors, S& T Institutions and R& D centers as much closer as a working network and create new partnership to facilitate problem solving and decision making for industrial competitiveness.
  • Share and exchange information among stakeholders with respect to capabilities of institutions and individuals.
  • Collect data, monitor demand and supply of S & T personnel on a regular basis and provide that information to relevant policy makers.
  • Develop indicators for evaluation of the S&T sector.
  • Analyze and highlight the strengths, weaknesses and trends of S&T sector (with special reference to manpower) to facilitate decision-making process of policy makers and planners.

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